Personal Protection: Security Dogs Versus Human Bodyguards

You might be considering hiring a bodyguard if you need protection for yourself, your family and your property. But another option to consider is a security protection dog. It may surprise you, but there are many benefits of choosing a security dog over a human bodyguard.

A Security Protection Dog Provides Protection Plus Companionship
Serious protection dog companies train the dogs to provide both protection and companionship. The dog will switch roles based on what is required at each moment. These dogs are so well trained that you can feel comfortable with them around your children, knowing they will always protect you, your family and your property at a moment’s notice.

Price Comparison Between Dogs and Bodyguards
Protection dogs do not come cheap — their superior training makes them extremely valuable. However, the price can be much less expensive than hiring a bodyguard. With a dog, you pay an initial price, and your investment lasts you for the dog’s entire life. With a bodyguard, you have to pay the person to carry out his profession, every day for up to 24 hours per day.

A Security Protection Dog Provides Better Boundaries at Home
A dog can also provide you with better boundaries over having a bodyguard. You and your family might not always like a human bodyguard included in all of your personal moments. But a protection dog can serve as a pet that will enhance your family moments and not intrude. With a dog, you can also prevent having a gun in your home, which a human bodyguard would likely carry.

Choose an Expertly Trained Security Dog
When you want the true benefits of a security dog, you can’t just choose a certain breed of dog or an obedient dog. Instead, you need to get a dog that is expertly trained in protection and companionship. Wayne Simanovich provides “huggable security” in the form of German Shepherds. We have 30 years of dog-training experience and have won numerous dog training competitions — experience we use to train your dog, which we then deliver to your location anywhere in the country.

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