Cowboys & Indians Magazine on Protection Dogs by Wayne Simanovich

Wayne Simanovich has spent the past 25 years building an impressive resumé in international dog training competitions where dogs display their skills in off-leash obedience and protection routines. Now he uses his tested and proven techniques to help families acquire dogs that will serve as beloved, loyal members of the family, as well as trained protectors.

“Our successes in national and international training competitions have put us at the forefront in selecting, training, and providing families with the companionship and security one would expect from dogs which have competed at challenging international levels,” Simanovich says.

He and his staff work primarily with German Shepherds that are trained at his facility in Europe and then placed in homes throughout North America. His client list includes a who’s who of athletes, entertainers, and politicians.

“A dog delivered from Europe’s top training fields to your front door. A scientifically bred and titled German Shepherd that is selected and trained for your specific needs. In a nutshell, this is what we do,” he says.

The goal of Simanovich and his staff? “Placing you with a dog that is not only by your side, but on your side.”

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