Protection Dogs in Knoxville, TN

Cities such as Knoxville, Tennessee are growing by leaps and bounds as more businesses and residents want to live and work within its borders. Unfortunately, when a population grows, so too does the crime rate, and people look for ways to protect their families from all types of threats. When burglar alarms and motion-detector lights fail to protect your home, people are selecting Wayne Simanovich’s German Shepherds as their huggable protection in Knoxville.

Contact us today at (866) 726-2810 to find out why people are selecting Wayne Simanovich German Shepherds as the ultimate protection for their home or business. Get well-trained protection dogs that are available to every city in the United States.

World-Class Training

Wayne Simanovich uses his 30 years of experience in professional dog training techniques to provide a loyal, obedient and hardworking dog to individuals, businesses and families throughout the Knoxville region. He and his world-class staff hold numerous North American and World Championship awards as they train the top-bred German Shepherds from the Czech Republic and Germany at their farm in North Carolina. They target the best qualities in German Shepherds and bring out these skills so they become suitable protection dogs.

Delivery At Your Doorstep

At Wayne Simanovich, we don’t expect our clients to come to our North Carolina farm to pick up their huggable protection. Instead, we bring the German Shepherd to your doorstop wherever you live in Knoxville including the neighborhoods of Arlington, Lake Forest, Mechanicsville, Westwood, Farmington and many other areas. We will introduce the German Shepherd to your family or business staff, and we will stay there several days to ensure the dog acclimates to its new surroundings.

In addition to providing dogs to the Knoxville region, we also deliver the dogs to any state you live in. We never simply drop off the German Shepherd and leave immediately — we will leave once the dog has transitioned into his new environment and role in your family.

Huggable Protection Legacy

We often refer to our dogs as “huggable protection.” They will do more than warn you of danger — they will leap into action as they will protect you and your family. They become lovable companions for a lifetime. Your children get the pet they have always wanted, and you get the peace of mind and security you need to protect your home. We train them so they have the best temperament and skills to become treasured family members, as we refer to our dedication and training as the Simanovich Difference, because we leave a legacy of excellence.

Find Your Knoxville Protection With Wayne Simanovich’

No longer feel unprotected in your home or business in the Knoxville, TN area. Get your protection dogs from world-class trainer Wayne Simanovich. Call us today at (866) 726-2810 or use our convenient contact form to inquire about our German Shepherd protection dogs. Be safe no matter the circumstances, while knowing that you have huggable protection and a loyal member of the family in your home.

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