Protection Dogs in Pittsburgh, PA

When there’s a wave of crime in your area, you shouldn’t have to live in fear in your own home. Get the protection you need that will always be faithfully by your side with Wayne Simanovich Trained German Shepherd protection dogs.

Get The Best Family Dog Protection In The Country

People are choosing Wayne Simanovich guard dogs for their exceptional breeding and training techniques. Every German Shepherd has been specifically chosen for their breeding to have the best characteristics to make a reliable protection dog as well as a lovable companion to Pittsburgh residents. Using training methods perfected for over 30 years, our trained German Shepherds become extremely loyal members of your family. Their intelligence and dedication will keep you and your home protected.

The Simanovich Difference

The moment you open your home to a German Shepherd protection dog you will immediately understand the Simanovich Difference when compared to other trained guard dogs. For more than three decades we have used world-class trainers who are experienced with obedience educational training and have received awards at international training competitions. This rigorous training is also accompanied by emotional sensitivity techniques so that the dogs are emotionally balanced to become lovable pets and companions for your family.

Once the dogs are fully trained at our North Carolina facility, we bring the fully trained German Shepherds directly to your Pittsburgh home whether you live in Wilkinsburg, Oakland, Beechview or other areas of the Steel City region. We will arrive at your home and stay in the area for several days to help with the transitioning period. When we leave, your German Shepherd protection dog will have formed a trusting and loyal relationship with you and your family.

Feel Safe In Your Pittsburgh Home With Trained Protection

Never feel as if you are unprotected in your home. Let Wayne Simanovich provide you with huggable protection in the form of a trained German Shepherd protection dog. Have a loyal and fierce German Shepherd in your home that won’t malfunction like a digital security system, will always be on call without waiting for a police officer to arrive, and will enjoy the fun and quiet times with your family by offering companionship.

German Shepherds have been protecting police officers, soldiers and families like yours in the line of duty for years. Know you can have this trained guard dog in your home for the best protection that will be unfailingly loyal to you. Open your home to a huggable companion that can bring peace and joy to your life.

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