Training Philosophy & Quality Commitment

You’d love a dog. You don’t really want a dog… Either way, you may be missing the point. We’re not talking about just another dog. We’re talking about adding to your quality of life and the security of your lifestyle. A dog from our program has been carefully selected, expertly trained and conditioned to the day-to-day “chaos” you live everyday.It’s our goal to add to your quality of life, not take from it. It’s nice to take a walk alone at night. Perhaps forget to set the alarm. Leave the door unlocked. A Wayne Simanovich trained dog will set you free.

Security Options
No, you’re not crazy. Or paranoid. The world really is unsafe. So wisely, you are simply and realistically considering the best ways to minimize the risks for you and yours. Beyond deadbolts, bars, walls and fences, your choices are limited.

High Tech Security Systems
For all their sophistication, they can fail, be compromised by storms or tampering, or simply not be activated in the first place. And even when they’re “on”, the best they can do is alert you to danger, indicate the location of an intruder, and notify the authorities. Then you and your loved ones simply wait.
Response time, the unknown variable, leaves the actual security they offer in question

Personal Handgun
A gun, while clearly a deterrent, won’t wake you, or otherwise warn you of intrusion. A bullet can’t be recalled. A gun CAN be taken away from you or your family. Would you really shoot in the first place? Would your spouse? Is a gun safe for your children to play with? Can you give it hug? Play frisbee?

Simanovich Trained Personal Companion
It’s an alarm. Capable of waking you before someone is inside. Doesn’t need to be activated or loaded. Can be recalled. Mobile. Safe for your children to play with. Can NOT be taken away and used against you.


Nothing can be as natural a part of your lifestyle. Consistent in its performance and well behaved, a Wayne Simanovich trained companion is there when you need it. Imagine the personal mobility – being safe wouldn’t have to mean staying within the perimeter of monitored areas. Our dogs offer the perfect balance – fun yet quiet and vigilant, an obvious deterrent to anyone intending harm. They’ll faithfully be there for loved ones, even when you can’t be around, converting “personal security” into personal freedom.