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Huggable Security

Wayne Simanovich. National Champion. North American Champion. World Champion. Loyal live-in protection for you, your family and your lifestyle.

Over 40 years experience providing Award Winning working dogs for countless individuals and families. Our clients are a Who’s Who among entertainers, athletes, politicians, businessmen and everyday families just like yours.

About Us

Peace of Mind

Peace of Mind. We deliver it in a well trained dog. It is my pleasure to provide and oversee our services. To that end I’ll personally select, oversee training and deliver what one expects from our Award Winning program. An expertly trained and manageable working dog that’s beautiful and fun to own…… Guaranteed.

World Class dogs come from World Class trainers. It’s not accomplished by building a website (many competitors claim to be experts, and simply aren't). It’s measured by years of experience and backed by significant accomplishments in major training competitions. It takes an eye for talent. The ability to select dogs capable of intense training and preparation. Innovative training techniques. Consistency. Hard Work. There are no shortcuts.

Individual prospects, beginning at seven weeks of age, are evaluated on a daily basis to determine if they will become the next Simanovich trained adult. The World’s Finest Trained German Shepherds for sale. From our family to your family. Evaluated from birth. Made in the USA

Sammy Sable German Shepherd Puppy S Litter - protectiondog.com


Olga - protectiondog.com Olga - protectiondog.com


What They're Saying

In my job, I can be called out at any time of day or night. I have to deal with crime and threats on many levels. This places my family at risk. The addition of “Jim” in our home has added greatly to our feeling of security. He is a loving family member that is ever vigilant in his job. Wayne Simanovich and his staff have been great through the entire process. I can’t thank him enough….

K.H, Federal Bureau of Investigation

We live high profile lives and security was a concern. Wayne delivered our trained German Shepherd "Tom" and we love him. He's been a great addition to the family.

Joe Montana, Hall of Fame Quarterback, San Francisco 49ers

Vasco has become a part of the family. He’s awesome. Thanks for your help. He’s a great dog. We all love him. Look forward to seeing you again.

NBA Legend…Chicago Bulls, Scottie Pippen

From our first contact with through delivery and instruction, "Kong" has been a real joy to own. He is a beautiful dog with a great temperament and expertly trained. I was immediately comfortable with the whole concept of a well-trained protection dog in the home. Wayne was a real pro. The next cigar is on me. Thanks Wayne. It's been great working with you.

Burt Reynolds

I've known Wayne Simanovich for over 30 years. His fundamental understanding of canine behavior and training is second to none. His innovative techniques, imagination and recognition of talent makes him the top working-dog trainer in the country. I value his knowledge almost as much as his friendship.

Woody Thurman, ESPN's Great Outdoors

*Our family has purchased two beautiful trained German Shepherd protection dogs from Wayne. Both quickly became part of the family. Both of them well trained and fun to own. We have lived high profile lives and security is always a concern. Thanks Wayne

Teresa Earnhardt, Dale Earnhardt Inc.

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