Burt Reynolds

Kong has been a real joy to own. He is a beautiful dog with a great temperament and expertly trained. I was comfortable with the whole concept of a well-trained protection dog... Wayne was a real pro...Thanks Wayne. It's been great working with you.

Terry Bradshaw

"We've had security issues on the ranch. Cash is by far the best thing we've done. He does such a great job and is now part of the family. We love him. He sleeps in bed. Thanks Wayne. Cash is awesome"

Dan Whitney, AKA Larry the Cable Guy

"To say Leena is a good dog is an insult. She's a GREAT dog! We are very pleased. The companionship and security provided by Leena is beyond compare. Thank you Wayne. She's perfect."

Heath Shuler, US Congressman

"Security is always a concern. There is no finer companionship and security than well trained protection dog. There is no better provide of this type of dog than Wayne Simanovich. My family trusts Wayne to provide us with this service. Wayne is the consummate professional. Our dogs are big part of our family."

Joe Montana

"Our fully-trained adult German Shepherd "Tom," has been a great addition to our home. He goes everywhere with the family. He's a great dog!"

Tony Cloninger

...I've owned every type of hunting dog imaginable. I've dealt with many trainers of many breeds. My best dogs have come from Wayne Simanovich. He has a natural talent and years of experience. He's the best. I'm on my fifth dog from Wayne. He won a North American Championship with one of my trained German Shepherds. I can't thank him enough."

Suzy Welch, Author

"Sir is simply the finest dog in the world! Thank you Wayne. He's the best dog ever!"