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Wayne Simanovich Protection Dogs

For over 40 years we’ve provided our expertise to countless individuals, families, law enforcement agencies, government agencies, including US and foreign contractors. Our multiple wins and successes in international working dog competitions have nurtured friendships and business relationships with the top names in working dogs from around the world. In over a decade as Ralston Purina’s Field Representative for the working breeds, my colleagues and I represented America’s finest trainers in all training segments. It is my commitment to bring all of these relationships, knowledge and experience to you. Our training facility has hosted visitors from around the world. Our clients are a Who’s Who among entertainers, athletes, politicians, businessmen and everyday families just like yours.You have a basic right to peace of mind and security. We deliver it in a well trained protection dog. It is my pleasure to provide and oversee our services for you. I’ll personally select, oversee development and deliver what one expects from our program. An expertly trained and manageable working dog that’s beautiful and fun to own…… Guaranteed.

Wayne Simanovich, Awards:

3x National Champion
2x North American Champion
6x Regional Champion
World Championship Team- Cologne, Germany
World Championship Team – Bensheim, Germany
World Championship Team – Ljubliana, Slovenia
World Championship Team – Nijmegen, Holland
World Championshisp Team – Hradec, Czech Republic
USA Team Captain World Championships-Turku, Finland
World Championship Team – Helsinki, Finland
World Championship Team – Lucern, Switzerland
USRC President
12yrs Ralston Purina Field Representative for Working Dogs


    Why Us?

    World Class dogs come from World Class trainers. World Class trainers are not anointed. It’s not accomplished by pitching a sign or building a website. It’s measured by years of experience and backed by significant accomplishments in major training competitions. It takes an eye for talent. The ability to select dogs capable of intense training and preparation. Innovative training techniques. Consistency. Hard Work. There are no shortcuts.

    In today’s world of instant information, it’s quite easy to “hang a sign,” or build a website. Accomplishments, successes, references and experience often take a back seat to slick ad campaigns and flashy websites.  Adding a dog to your busy life is a long term investment. One we take seriously.

    Over forty years of experience, backed by prestigious wins in international protection dog competitions, an impressive list of references and a talented training staff are all reasons you’ve landed in the right spot. You’ll see the difference.

    Our Philosophy on protection dogs: Safe vs. Unsafe

    We want to promote personal and family safety in a way that adds to the overall quality of life for each person choosing one of our fully trained dogs. Toward that end, we select, train and carefully transfer fully trained working German Shepherd Protection Dogs, trained to the highest international standards, to homes like yours. Originating from the world’s top working dog tournaments, further trained in real life scenarios, accustomed to family dynamics and family “chaos,” we promote and deliver the very best the world has to offer in Peace of Mind and Security; a Wayne Simanovich trained dog.

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