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In a world characterized by uncertainty and vulnerability, safety and security have become paramount concerns for individuals, families and organizations alike. Recognizing the unique bond between humans and working dogs, our company strives to provide an unparalleled level of safety and fun through the delivery of genetically superior, well-trained dogs.

For over 40yrs we have competed in and won major international working dog competitions at the world's highest level. Through this journey we have fostered relationships with others that represent the top breeders, trainers and stewards of working German Shepherds and Belgian Malinois.

For over 100 years working German Shepherds have been evaluated for the traits desirable for companionship and security. We recognize the profound connection between humans and working dogs. This bond is based on loyalty and companionship. We acknowledge the intrinsic value of this relationship and leverage it to enhance safety and security for you and your family. The elite dogs from our program not only provide an alarm and formidable defense against threats, but also introduce an element of emotional support and lots of fun. They relieve anxiety.

In short we provide Huggable Security. Contact us today and see how we can help.


  • 3x National Champion 2x North American Champion
  • 6x Regional Champion
  • World Championship Team - Cologne, Germany
  • World Championship Team - Bensheim, Germany
  • World Championship Team - Ljubliana, Slovenia

  • World Championship Team - Nijmegen, Hollard
  • World Championship Team - Hradec, Czech Republic
  • World Championship Team - Helsinki, Finland
  • World Championship Team - Lucern, Switzerland
  • USRC President
  • 12 years Ralston Purina Field Representative for Working Dogs

About Wayne Simanovich

Wayne Simanovich has been training dogs competitively and professionally for more than 40 years.  He’s trained protection dogs for celebrities, consulted with governments and the U.S. military, and has placed in and won major international awards.  But Wayne takes the most pride in providing “huggable security” in the form of a well-trained, lovable German Shepherd for individual families.

Wayne’s success in international working dog competitions has enabled him to build friendships and strong business relationships with many of the top names in the working dogs space.  Earlier in his career, Wayne spent over a decade as the Field Representative for working dogs for Ralston Purina, where he represented many of the top trainers in the country.

Today Wayne is a highly sought-after trainer, having worked with high-profile companies, government agencies and numerous famous athletes and celebrities.  Wayne believes that all families have a basic right to peace of mind and security, and he takes great pride in helping to ensure that his clients receive exactly that.


Our Team

With decades of combined experience and numerous wins in international dog training competitions, the Wayne Simanovich team has tested and proven training techniques that produce world-class protection dogs.

We start with scientifically bred and titled German Shepherds, and then select and train each dog based on our customer’s specific needs.

Protection Dog In Action

Watch one of our protection dogs, Hub, in action as he is being trained.

Press Coverage

Gun World Magazine May 2013

Important Tips For Adding A Protection Dog To Your Home

If your vision of a protection dog involves a malnourished canine chained to a junkyard pile, you’ve been watching too many Hollywood movies. The reality is that you can find the perfect combination of a home protection dog and a family pet, as long as you know where to look.

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Cowboys & Indians Magazine Sept. 2009

Wayne Simanovich has spent the past 25 years building an impressive resumé in international dog training competitions where dogs display their skills in off-leash obedience and protection routines. Now he uses his tested and proven techniques to help families acquire dogs that will serve as beloved, loyal members of the family, as well as trained protectors.

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American Hard Assets Magazine June/July 2013

Advantages of having a dog for home protection are endless, Consider these factors before you determine how you’ll keep your home safe.

Your stock certificates and gold bars are probably, police dog tucked away in a steel bank vault or safe deposit box, but your home may still offer plenty of appeal for a robber...

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