Family Trained German Shepherds

When a family member starts doing research on breeds and availability for trained protection dogs, it’s no surprise the information trail leads them right to the German Shepherd breed. German Shepherds make wonderful protection dogs, as these dogs are intelligent, alert, loyal, and extremely receptive to precision training. Families who are looking to bring a protection dog into their home should understand the importance of selecting not only the right dog, but the methods used to train the dog. There several factors that influence the outcome of training: Genetic traits, tracking, obedience, protection training, & socialization.


The Right Pedigree

Training begins with genetic make-up: No amount of training can change a dog’s ability to become the best family protection dog. Dogs should be selected based on traits exhibited at working dog competitions. In an ideal situation, these adult dogs are bred to produce superior puppies who are ready for the challenge of being groomed & promoted into a world class protection dog.


Tracking is part of the disciplined approach known around the world as ‘schutzhund’ (German for protection dog). Tracking is a very challenging part of regimen, because after initial training, the dog works independently without the assistance of the handler.

Obedience Training

A family trained German Shepherd will be extensively trained in the area of obedience. In order for a dog to be released to a family, it must demonstrate precision when responding to commands off the leash, and under distracting situations. Obedience training allows the dog to demonstrate stability around various distractions, including loud children, cyclists, traffic, other dogs & animals.

Protection Training

Family trained German Shepherds not only must show natural protection abilities from their pedigree, but precision training is imperative. A protection dog must be able to be trusted to provide protection and provide safety around children and social situations. Protection dogs are not trained to be attack dogs, but they are trained to recognize danger, and show courage, in line with their natural instincts. Many trainers compete in working dog competitions, but very few will win or place at national events. An even smaller number will qualify to compete at World Championships, be sure to ask about working dog competitions and awards.


Socialization is the key to success when it comes to a family trained German Shepherd. A family trained protection dog may have lives counting on it one day, and it is imperative that this dog can demonstrate discipline and control within any social situation. When shopping for a protection dog for your family, be sure to ask why the trainer thinks their socialization training is the very best training available. You will get a variety of answers, but in the end, you only want the best for your family.

There are many factors to consider when searching for a family trained German Shepherd. The Wayne Simanovich team guarantees precision trained companions, who can interact with family and friends, and have been trained to distinguish friend from foe. If you are looking for security that is lovable, obedient, and fun, be sure to put the Simanovich team on your list when considering your next family trained protection dog.

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