Why German Shepherds Make the Best Protection Dogs

There are many reasons that a dog can make a great pet, but dogs can be useful as well. They can be gentle and helpful to people with disabilities, and many dogs are good protection animals. By nature, dogs are social animals. This is not surprising, considering the fact that dogs are descended from wolves. A dog pack has a strict social structure; every member has a role, and outsiders are not to be trusted. In addition, properly handled dogs are eager to please, making training a relatively quick and easy process.

German Shepherds are, arguably, the best protection dogs around. German Shepherds are all descendants of herding and farming dogs. Today, this versatile dog is the most popular choice for police and military uses. The breed was officially recognized by the AKC in 1908. You can find more information at its website: http://www.akc.org/breeds/german_shepherd_dog/index.cfm.

The German Shepherd is perfectly suited for the protection role. These dogs are typically friendly and loving to their families, and good with children — though children and dogs should never be left together unattended. German Shepherds are wary but never fearful of strangers. With an average height of 2 feet at the shoulders, with powerful jaws and a lean, muscular body, a German Shepherd is a very intimidating animal, certain to make most criminals think twice. This muscular body comes with a cost, however; this breed requires a good amount of activity.

If you are considering getting a dog as a protection animal, the German Shepherd is a great choice. Owning a dog is a big responsibility, but the benefits of companionship and protection can be well worth the effort. If you are ready to own a dog, maybe a German Shepherd is the right one for you.

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Joey and Brittany
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"Awesome dog! We love him. Definitley a security upgrade and lots of fun to train. Thanks Wayne!"

Terry Bradshaw
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We've had security issues on the ranch. Cash is by far the best thing we've done. He does such a great job and is now part of the family. We love him. Thanks Wayne. Cash is awesome.

Suzy Welch
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"Sir is simply the finest dog in the world!
Thank you Wayne. He's the best dog ever!"

Stan Kroenke
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Great dogs Wayne! They're a joy to own. All the Best..

Dan Whitney
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To say Leena is a good dog is an insult. She's a GREAT dog! We are very pleased. The companionship and security provided by Leena is beyond compare. Thank you Wayne. She's perfect.

Burt Reynolds
Actor, Director

Kong has been a real joy to own. He is a beautiful dog with a great temperament and expertly trained. Wayne was a real pro. Very Knowledgeable. Thanks Wayne! It's been great working with you.

Heath Shuler
US Congressman

Security is always a concern. There is no finer companionship and security then a well trained protection dog. There is no better provider of this type of dog than Wayne Simanovich. He knows what he's doing. Our dogs are big part of our family.

Scottie Pippen
Chicago Bulls

Thanks Wayne. Just what we needed. We love him.

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