Protection Dogs For Sale

Every day, all around the world, protection dogs are being utilized by individuals, families, and even businesses for a range of important roles. From family guard dogs to executive protection dogs, trained German Shepherds offer security and peace of mind to the people they faithfully protect. No matter what the task –from protecting your kids to securing your facilities –highly-trained protection dogs are bred, carefully selected, and trained to provide next-level defense any time the need arises.

Whether you need a trained German Shepherd for personal protection, family protection, executive protection, or for any other protective duties, turn to Simanovich Protection Dogs for the very best protection dogs in the world. All of our dogs have received world-class training to the highest international standards so they can provide the protection you need for you and your loved ones.

We boast over 40 years of experience and have earned numerous prestigious awards in major training competitions. We know how to select the best protection dogs, and we utilize innovative training techniques to groom the finest protection dogs for you to choose from. This is our passion, and it’s something we take very seriously. The Simanovich name is synonymous with world-class trained German Shepherds because we put in the consistent hard work that’s required to train the best dogs. We only offer the very best protection dogs for sale, and we have many client reviews to prove it.

Simply put, when you choose a protection dog from Simanovich Protection Dogs, the difference will be clear. Our dogs are available in three age groups below