Protection Dogs in Denver

Protection dogs are a smart option in the security field, giving you the privacy, companionship and versatility you can’t get from a security system or a human security guard. A well-trained security dog should be one you can trust around your loved ones, while protecting people and property. We call our Simanovich-trained dogs “huggable security” because they provide companionship and loyalty as well as determined protection.

When you need a protection dog, don’t limit your choices to a local search. Instead, look to the best with Simanovich. We deliver our top-of-the-line security dogs everywhere in the United States, including Denver. To learn more about how our dogs will benefit you, call us at (866) 726-2810. We have many dogs in the Denver area.

What You Can Expect

When you choose Simanovich for a security dog, you will receive a dog that is trained and ready to guard you and your property. We offer top-notch protection dogs that can provide protection in an array of situations and environments.

At the same time, your dog will be a loyal companion to you and your family members. We train them to provide “huggable security” so you can trust them to be gentle when appropriate and to protect when needed.

The Selection and Training Process

We want to be sure that our Simanovich-trained dogs fit our exacting standards before they come to you. Because of that, we start by selecting the best dogs to work with. We orimarily use German Shepherds because this breed is hardworking, obedient and social. We look for the German Shepherds that have the best mix of those qualities from the world’s top working dogs.

Once we select the dog, Wayne Simanovich and his team provide expert training. Wayne has been training protection and working dogs for more than 30 years, so you can trust his expertise. He and his world-class team have numerous North American and World Championship awards under their belts.

The Matching Process

At Simanovich, we won’t just send you any dog. Instead, we carry out a careful matching and selection process to determine the right dog to fit your home and your security requirements. We gather as much information about you and your lifestyle as possible, and we will use that information to create the perfect match.

When we choose the right German Shepherd for you, we will bring the dog from our North Carolina location, where we train the dogs, to your Denver or Colorado residence as part of our service. At that point, we stay for a few days so we can help your new dog get used to his new environment, while working with others in your area that have one of our well trained protection dogs.

Get Matched With a Security Dog

If our top-notch security dogs sound like a good fit for you, start the process to get the dog that matches your requirements. All you have to do is call us at (866) 726-2810 and we can answer any questions you have about what you’re looking for in a protection dog. Get started now!


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