Protection Dogs in Indiana

There are many security options for Indiana residents. Home security systems and guns seem to be the most common, but do they actually prevent crime from happening? Do they stop it? What if you are not home, or what if your kids or family do not know how to operate a firearm? With nearly 50,000 burglaries, 140,000 thefts, and thousands of other violent crimes taking place annually in Indiana, finding a dependable way to protect yourself, your family, and your property is a top priority. As a result, many people have purchased a trained protection dog as an additional layer of security for those they love. A trained protection dog from Wayne Simanovich brings peace of mind.

Trust the Leaders in Protection Dog Training

Most dogs don’t have the proper genetics or training to be protection dogs, and many dogs are sold simply because of their breed and reputation. At Simanovich Protection Dogs, we have the proven experience and knowledge to select and train the best protection dogs in the world. Yes, we said the best in the world, and that’s a fact. With numerous wins in prestigious international dog training competitions, the Simanovich name is synonymous worldwide with elite protection dogs. Don’t let your location restrict your access to the best. Our team will work with you to deliver the perfect protection dog for you and your family. We’ll personally deliver your protection dog to your Indiana home, and one of our handlers will even stay in town for a few days help you learn about your new protection dog.

Consider All Options

Don’t simply take our word for it. Compare and do thorough research. Ask for references, and if possible, visit the training facility. Remember, you want this dog to set you free. You want to know that the same dog that will protect you on your night time jog or walk will also be safe around children and friends. Ask about the type of training that ensures your dog will know what to do, and when to do it.