Protection Dogs for Sale in Jacksonville, FL

Simanovich offers fully-trained German Shepherds to individuals and families looking for a working dog to use as personal or property security. Drawing our inspiration from the classic “Schutzhound,” German for protection dog, we train German Shepherds to be valued family pets with the ability to recognize and respond to threats that may arise. We train the dogs in western North Carolina, and are able to deliver them to your home in Jacksonville, FL. We can also service nearby communities, like St. Augustine, Baldwin and Orange Park, FL.

After we deliver your very own protection dog, we can offer on-site training in your home, which can help your dog get acclimated to your family, your home and your neighborhood. Because we are able to deliver our dogs to your Florida location, you get the best possible security dog for your family.

Benefits of Protection Dogs

In addition to companionship and loyalty, working dogs from Simanovich are trained to protect individuals, families and land by learning to recognize and respond to a variety of real-world threats. Many of our clients choose protection dogs to provide personal protection and security against known or unknown threats.

Head trainer Wayne Simanovich personally ensures that our German Shepherds are prepared to respond to a threat, yet gentle enough to keep your child company. We like to call our dog “huggable security” as it encapsulates their role in you life.

Why choose Simanovich Protection Dogs?

We know there are many options for working dogs. We believe that our training philosophy, local delivery program and credentials set us apart from the rest. We work hard to place you with the right dog for your family, creating a lasting match, unlike other companies who simply want to sell dogs. We offer trained dogs as puppies, adolescents or adults.

Our head trainer, Wayne Simanovich, has over 30 years of experience training German Shepherds. Famous clients include Burt Reynolds and Terry Bradshaw.

Finally, our awards demonstrate the impact of our training methods: Simanovich protection dogs have been awarded top placement in many international competitions for working dogs, including 2 North American Championships, 6 Regional Championships and 7 World Championships.

To learn more about our available German Shepherds or find out how a protection pet can benefit you, please contact our customer service representatives at 866-726-2810 or by completing the form on our website.


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