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When it comes to the best family protection dogs, German Shepherds are always at the head of the class. Why? It’s because German Shepherds have been bred for over 100 years for the specific traits needed to be a determined protector and obedient working dog. It’s no coincidence that police officers rely of German Shepherds for their K-9 units. A highly trained German Shepherd can provide a level of protection that most other canine breeds simply can’t match.

With fast response times, sharp thinking, and excellent response to commands, a German Shepherd can be the perfect security dog. It’s these same qualities that also make the German Shepherd an excellent protection dog. Protection dogs are elite canines that have received world-class training allowing them to perform at a level far beyond that of just a guard dog. A protection dog has the right temperament, nerves, mental stability, and training to both provide protection against real threats and to be an excellent family companion. Protection dogs are faithful companions that are committed to guarding you, your family, and everything that’s important to you.

Our dogs are carefully selected, raised, and trained to provide you with a trusted companion capable of numerous service applications. Our fully trained German Shepherds not only make the best guard dogs, but they also provide an unparalleled level of protection to you, your family, and anything else that you wish to protect.

For the finest security, trust Simanovich Protection Dogs