Protection Dogs in Los Angeles, CA

A Simanovich fully trained adult German Shepherd will provide your family or business with top-notch protection. At the same time, our dogs provide companionship and are gentle enough to be around children.

Get an expertly trained protection dog delivered to your Los Angeles, CA location by choosing Simanovich. Since we deliver worldwide, you can get the best in protection without being limited to your local area. Call us at (866) 726-2810 to learn more about the benefits of our trained protection dogs for you. For over 34 years we have many satisfied clients in Southern California.

Top-Notch Protection

Our German Shepherds arrive at your home fully trained and ready to protect. You will receive a highly trained dog that provides world-class protection to your home or business.

Our trained dogs can fit your needs, whether you’re searching for a home protection dog, a family protection dog or an executive protection dog. No matter the environment or the situation, our dogs are the industry standard in a working dog.

Huggable Security

We understand that a protection dog also needs to be a companion to the people you care about. That’s why we train our protection dogs as “huggable security.” While providing protection to your home or business, our dogs are also gentle and loyal — your dog will become a valued member of your family.

Expert Training

Your protection dog will be trained by a team of experts, headed by Wayne Simanovich, to perform in a multitude of environments. Wayne brings more than 30 years of German Shepherd training to ensure that your dog is trained to expert standards.

Our team has achieved awards and wins in major working dog competitions, including North American Championships and World Championships. We take our work seriously, ensuring your family the security you deserve with a protection dog trained by experts in the field.

What Happens Next?

When deciding to choose a Simanovich-trained protection dog, we will choose the dog that will be the best fit for your family or business. We are not simply interested in selling dogs — we want to provide the right dog for your needs.

We can offer protections dogs of varying ages, from puppyhood to adulthood. Let us know more about your needs and your lifestyle, and we will work to match you with the perfect dog.

How Do I Get the Dog?

You don’t have to be located near our training center in North Carolina to take advantage of our trained dogs. We deliver your protection dog straight to you in Los Angeles or the surrounding California area.

We offer the option of additional training once we get to your location, which helps the dog get acclimated to your location and your family or staff.

Ready to Find Out More?

Protect your Los Angeles family or property with our trained and trustworthy protection dogs. Call us today at (866) 726-2810 to learn more or to inquire about our available dogs.


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