Protection Dogs in Louisiana

When it comes to buying protection dogs for your home or business, you have a lot of options to choose from. You can buy a fully trained adult dog that’s immediately ready to keep you and your loved ones secure. You can buy a puppy from superior genetic stock, bred to be the strongest, the toughest and the smartest. You can buy an adolescent dog with basic obedience training. And you can even have your dog delivered directly to your Louisiana home for emergency protection.

But even with all of those options, there’s one thing that’s clear: a German Shepherd from Wayne Simanovich is the best “huggable security.” Our German Shepherds are the best kind of protection dogs: smart and alert, but also loyal and lovable, to give you not just physical security, but peace of mind. They are always healthy, without the risk of hip problems or other congenital defects that come with other breeds of dogs bred for protection. As soon as a German Shepherd goes through the Wayne Simanovich training program and gets to be an adult, it’s ready to work.

After being custom trained to fit your needs at our farm in North Carolina, your protection dog is then delivered to you in Louisiana, or any other state you live in, by one of our expert trainers. The trainer will even stay there for a couple of extra days to make sure everything goes smoothly, and that the dog acclimates to its new home.

Whether you’re looking to guard your home or beef up security at your business, a Wayne Simanovich German Shepherd protection dog is the best option you can buy. Our dogs are trained to the highest international standards, by the best qualified trainers in the business. Between their breeding, their training and their general loyalty, having a Simanovich Protection Dog around provides a great companion and keeps you and your family safe.