Protection Dogs in Miami, FL

At Simanovich, we train and place the classic “Schutzhound” or protection dog, the German Shepherd, to individuals and families in the Miami, FL metro area. All of our security dogs are trained by professional dog trainers in western North Carolina, and then delivered to your home in Miami, FL. We pride ourselves on making compatible matches and finding the perfect dog for each client’s needs. We also service the surrounding Miami suburbs like Hialeah, FL, Coconut Grove, FL or Kendall FL. We can even provide on-site training in your home, while helping your new “huggable security” dog get acclimated to your family, your home and your neighborhood. We take the time to do this to ensure the best fit for everyone. Because we are able to deliver our dogs to your Florida location, you get the best possible security dog for your family.

Benefits of Protection Dogs

In adition to companionship and loyalty, working dogs from Simanovich are trained to protect individuals, families and land. Many of our clients choose protection dogs to provide personal protection and security against known or unknown threats. All of our German Shepherds are trained by professional trainers to respond to real family dynamics and threat scenarios, best ensuring your protection. Head trainer Wayne Simanovich personally ensures that our German Shepherds are prepared to respond to a threat, yet gentle enough to keep your child company. We offer three categories of dogs: Puppies, adolescents and trained adult protection dogs.

Why choose Simanovich Protection Dogs?

We also carefully breed and select only the finest protection dogs, then train them impeccably. Our awards demonstrate the impact of our training methods: Simanovich protection dogs have been awarded top placement in many international competitions for working dogs, including 2 North American Championships, 6 Regional Championships and 7 World Championships.

Head trainer Wayne Simanovich has over 30 years of experience training German Shepherds, and has trained dogs for clients including Burt Reynolds and Terry Bradshaw. Our proven track record of success and our dedication to placing the right working dog in the right home sets us apart from other dog trainers.

To learn more about our available German Shepherds or find out how a protection pet can benefit you, please contact our customer service representatives at 866-726-2810 or by completing the form on our website.

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