Protection Dogs in North Carolina

Are you looking for a way to keep your loved ones safe and sound in North Carolina? Unfortunately crime knows no boundaries, no matter where you live in North Carolina. A protection dog will be the most loyal companion you’ll ever have, committed to keeping you, your family, and your property safe against any and all threats.

There are only a few elite trainers in the country, so the chances of you finding a world-class protection dog in your local classifieds are pretty slim. More likely, you’ll need to expand your search and have your expert trained protection dog delivered to you from another city.

At Simanovich Protection Dogs, we deliver our protection dogs to families all across the country. With over 30 years of experience, we have a proven track record of training the best protection dogs in the world. All of our German Shepherds are carefully selected from the best bloodlines and they receive expert training to mold them into reliable protection canines.

For those who live in North Carolina, we offer personal protection dog delivery right to your home. One of our expert trainers will bring your new dog to your home, and the handler will stay in town for a couple of days to help train you on proper handling and to ensure a smooth transition for the canine. The Simanovich training center is located in the North Carolina mountains, where working German Shepherds are groomed for a lifetime of protection dog work. In addition to protection training, the German Shepherds are also trained on socialization skills within various settings. It’s imperative for protection dogs to integrate well with family life, and the Simanovich team gives thorough, comprehensive socialization training. Get peace of mind that comes with having a highly-trained protection dog.

If you are researching personal protection dogs for your North Carolina property or family, you will gain insight and valuable information from the Simanovich team. We only train to the highest international standards, and place dogs in homes based on the needs of our customer.

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