Protection Dogs in Oklahoma

No matter what your protection needs are, there’s no better way to ensure your security than with a protection dog. And whether it’s a simple guard dog to help your family feel secure or a full-scale team to provide security for your business, there are no better protection dogs than German Shepherds trained by Wayne Simanovich staff.

Each of our dogs is carefully bred and selected to be the strongest, the smartest and the most loyal. We base our decisions on elements of a dog sport called Schutzhund. The main purpose of Schutzhund it to determine which dogs are suitable for being good protection dogs. The dogs are evaluated on intelligence, perseverance, a strong work desire, a protective instinct and trainability.

These temperamentally superior animals are then trained on our farm in North Carolina to be the most effective protection dogs money can buy. What are they trained to do? Well, that depends on what you and your family need them to do. Our dogs are custom trained according to each customer’s needs, to ensure maximum security for you.

Training is performed by our expert staff, with 30 years of experience in the field and a bevy of prestigious awards to show for it. The end result is a well-trained and alert German Shepherd, who meets the highest international training standards and is ready to protect you, your loved ones and your property, come what may.

When your protection dog is ready for action, it’s personally delivered to you in Oklahoma (or any other state) by one of our trainers. They can be delivered at a moment’s notice in case of a protection emergency. The trainer will even stick around for a couple of extra days, to make sure that the German Shepherd gets acclimated to its new owners, and is 100 percent prepared to protect your family or business.

Whether it’s going to supplement your existing security system or stand as its own solution, a Simanovich German Shepherd is the best protection you could ask for. They’re not only strong and alert, but also loyal and lovable. What can make you feel safer in your Oklahoma home than a security system you can hug?