Protection Dogs in Philadelphia, PA

You may be considering investing in a security system for your Philadelphia home, but you are worried that the police simply won’t arrive in time to help your family. Also, what would happen if the electricity goes out due to powerful storms? You want protection in your home that can always be relied on, no matter what the weather is — and you also want something that won’t endanger your family, as a loaded firearm might.

Trained German Shepherds Are Huggable Protection That Is Always Available

Have you considered huggable protection in the form of a trained German Shepherd protection dog? Wayne Simanovich has been training German Shepherds specifically for family protection because he understands the one thing that digital security systems can’t offer your Philadelphia family: loyalty. A trained guard dog won’t have you waiting on hold with the police as they handle other emergencies. A trained guard dog won’t abandon your family when you need protection the most. Plus, a trained guard dog becomes a lovable companion for your children.

How Are The Protection Dogs Trained?

Wayne Simanovich does everything it takes to give you the best protection dogs in the business. It starts by choosing the best German Shepherd dogs that show qualities of loyalty, intelligence and dedication. Then the dogs are further trained to hone these skills on our North Carolina farm using effective training techniques developed across more than 30 years. Once we are satisfied that only the best protection dogs have passed our extensive training from our world-class staff, we bring the German Shepherds directly to your home wherever you are located in the United States.

Superior Transitioning Training

When we arrive to your Philadelphia home, we won’t just hand you the leash and walk away leaving you to deal with the protection dog’s transitioning period in your home. Wayne Simanovich trained guard dogs are transitioned naturally into their environment and their family — we will stay in the area for several days to ensure the dog is acclimating well to its new environment. On the day we leave, you will have a lovable companion who will offer the finest protection to your family.

German Shepherds Are Reliable Protection Dogs

There is a reason why police departments across the country have German Shepherds in K9 units. These dogs are fiercely loyal to the person they are protecting and will do everything it takes to keep that person safe. You and your family can have this same stalwart protection to keep you safe as the dog will never fail when the power goes out and will never have you sitting on hold with the police department. Contact us today to get huggable protection for your Philadelphia home.

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