Protection Dogs in Phoenix, AZ

There’s nothing wrong with outfitting your Phoenix home with the latest state-of-the-art security gadgets. Digital locks, alarm systems that notify police and security cameras can all be part of a full approach to protecting property. An approach to security that is all technology, however, misses an important ingredient: loyalty. Loyalty can’t be bought, but it can be taught. Wayne Simanovich German Shepherd protection dogs are loyal in a way a piece of security equipment will never be, and that can make all the difference in an emergency.

Superb Breeding and Training

What separates one of our Wayne Simanovich German Shepherds from a guard dog you might find in the classifieds? It starts with breeding. Our dogs are bred from the best of the previous generation. This careful attention to detail produces dogs that are fiercely loyal, dedicated to protection and highly intelligent. These traits are further honed through a training program that knows no equal. Our farm in North Carolina uses training techniques that have been developed for over 30 years. We toss out the ineffective, keeping only the training methods that produce results. This experience puts Simanovich dogs on another level — a fact that can only be appreciated when you talk to our many satisfied clients.

Getting Your German Shepherd Protection Dog

You don’t have to live near our farm to welcome one of our incomparable German Shepherds into your home. We deliver dogs to every state in the nation, and we have worked with Phoenix residents to provide them with the best in living security. Once you’ve chosen to invite a Simanovich dog into your family, we’ll do everything we can to ensure a smooth transition. We’ll commit to spending a couple of days at your home to make sure our dogs settle into their new roles. This is what we mean when we talk about the “Simanovich Difference.”

The Simanovich Difference

Breeding and training German Shepherds is about more than business to the Simanovich family. It’s about leaving a legacy of excellence. The Simanovich Difference refers to building that legacy one customer at a time. Our protection dogs are trained to provide the optimum level of protection, but they are also raised in such a way that they will become a valuable and treasured member of your family. “Huggable Security” is more than just a catch phrase. It encompasses our entire approach to the business of raising and training dogs. We believe the testimonials we’ve received from satisfied customers prove our mission success.

Your Phoenix, AZ Security Solution

Whether you want a dog that will provide fierce protection for your young ones, a guard you can leave in charge of the house or a friend who will do anything for you and your family, a German Shepherd from Wayne Simanovich fits the bill. Don’t waste another minute on inferior security measures. Invite a loyal German Shepherd protection dog into your home, and you’ll appreciate a new world of security.