Protection Dogs In Calgary, Canada

People living and working in Calgary, Canada want to use top-notch security measures to protect their homes and businesses. Yet they don’t want to rely on regular security systems that can be bypassed by savvy burglars, or experience mechanical failures. They want the type of protection that cannot be compromised. For this reason, many people are choosing Wayne Simanovich protection dogs.

Wayne Simanovich offers trained German Shepherd guard dogs to protect homes and businesses from criminals. Contact us today at 866-726-2810 to find out how our guard dogs can help keep you, your home, your family, your business and your staff protected.

Expertly Trained Protection Dogs

We select our dogs from top European working class breeds that have been in the best dog shows. We take puppies, adolescent and adult German Shepherds to our North Carolina farm where we teach them the best security methods to offer protection to you and your property. Wayne Simanovich and his staff rely on 30 years of dog training experience so the German Shepherds will become trusted guard dogs as well as lovable companions for your family.

We place the dog through real-life circumstances to bring out the best qualities of loyalty, intelligence and hard work so they understand what to do in any given situation. This training method ensures that the German Shepherds can adjust to changing situations so they can offer the best protection.

Protection Dogs Delivered To Your Home

People throughout the United States know that we will deliver our guard dogs to their location. We also extend this courtesy to people who are living in Calgary, Canada. We will come to your home or business with the trained guard dog and ensure that it acclimates to its new environment. We continue our training at your location and we make sure the security dogs can become lovable companions to you and your family.

Huggable Protection Right In Your Home

What makes our German Shepherd guard dogs so wanted in homes in Canada is that they become loving members of your family. Not only do your children get a loving pet that they will cherish, you will have a guard dog that will show loyalty and obedience when there is a threat to your home or property.

Getting Your Simanovich Trained Security Dog 

To get your trained security guard dog from Wayne Simanovich, begin by calling us at 866-726-2810. We can find out what your security needs are so we have a better understanding of the right type of German Shepherd guard dog that will be needed. Then we will train the dog and deliver it to your Calgary home or business.

Enjoy the love and loyalty that a German Shepherd dog can give to you. Contact us today so we can answer your questions and provide additional information. Then find out for yourself what these dogs can do for you.


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