Protection Dogs in Kansas City, KS

When people are looking for protection in their Kansas City homes, they can get the best thing with a protection dog trained by Wayne Simanovich. Trained German Shepherds are loyal, obedient and intelligent dogs that have been used as security dogs for centuries. Law enforcement and company security guards have taken advantage of these protection dogs to increase the level of security for different situations. And now, Kansas City residents can do the same for their homes.

Don’t just settle for selecting trainers from your local area. Learn about what makes Wayne Simanovich protection dogs outstanding for the security of your home by calling us at 866-726-2810. We deliver our reliable and loyal trained German Shepherd dogs to every city in the United States including Kansas City, Kansas.

Training Superb German Shepherds

Simanovich German Shepherds are taken from the best bloodlines in Germany and the Czech Republic, then the dogs are brought to our farm in North Carolina for extensive training. Wayne Simanovich has 30 years of experience in dog training and his world-class staff has won numerous awards in North American and World Championships.

They only use the training programs developed by Wayne Simanovich, as these methods have proven time and again to be the most effective in creating a well-trained protection dog. Our dogs have been used by celebrities including Burt Reynolds, Joe Montana, Terry Bradshaw, many others and the dogs have also been featured in magazines and television shows.

Smooth Transition To Your Home

If you are worried about coming all the way to North Carolina to retrieve your trained German Shepherd, don’t be. We bring our dogs to your destination wherever you are located in Kansas City or in the United States. Once the dog is trained at the farm, we bring it to your residence for further training and acclimation to its new home. We ensure the dogs will fit in by staying in the area for several days. We continue the last of the training in your home as the dog learns its responsibilities to become the perfect member of your family as well as becoming your protection dog.

Find The Perfect Protection Dog To Match Your Needs

We don’t just simply pick out a dog by whim to be your protection dog. We carefully take your needs into consideration, gather information about your lifestyle and then select the German Shepherd with the right temperament to become your protection dog. By performing this matching process, the German Shepherd has an easier transition into your home environment and they can begin protecting you and your family.

Get Your Wayne Simanovich Protection Dog Today

Sleep easy at night in your Kansas City home knowing that you are protected by your specially-trained German Shepherd from Wayne Simanovich. Call us today at 866-726-2810 or fill out our contact form to find out more information on how you can get a top-notch security dog to protect your home and your family.


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