Protection dogs in Washington

With a trained protection dog from Wayne Simanovich, you get elite security and an around-the-clock crime deterrent that keeps you and your family safe. Unlike a home security system that only alerts the police when a break-in occurs and leaves you defenseless until help arrives, a trained protection dog provides on-the-spot defense against any type of threat that might arise. Your loyal canine companion will do whatever it takes to fulfill its duties and keep your family safe.

Every year in Washington, there’s an average of 20,121 violent crimes and 244,146 property crimes, including 56,532 burglaries and 162,770 thefts. With so many crimes taking place all across the state, one thing is completely clear – taking action to reduce your chances of becoming a statistic is necessary. Whether you’re looking to protect yourself, your family, your home, your business, or anything else, a trained protection dog is your best option.

Simanovich: The Clear Choice in Protection Dogs

When it comes to buying a protection dog, it’s important to educate yourself on your options. The fact is that there are very few qualified, skilled protection dog trainers in the entire country, and the typical “guard dog” you might see for sale in your local classifieds most likely hasn’t received the proper training to protect, rather than guard, your family.

Simanovich Protection Dogs are backed by over 30 years of training experience and frequent wins in international dog training competitions. Wayne Simanovich and his team are true experts and leaders in their field.

  • We select and train the heartiest German Shepherds that come from the purest bloodlines
  • Out protection dogs are trained to the highest international standards.
  • Every dog is trained to handle all types of real-life scenarios and the typical dynamics of your household

We offer personal delivery of protection dogs to Washington and all across the United States. We’ll carefully match you with the right protection dog for your specific needs, and a handler will personally deliver your dog and train you and your family for a couple of days on proper handling, helping ensure a seamless transition for your new dog into your home.