Protection Dogs in Naples, FL

Protecting people and personal property is important for everyone, so this security shouldn’t be left to unthinking and unfeeling security systems. At Simanovich, we train German Shepherds to become vital and trustworthy protection for families, staff and property located in Naples, FL. If you are worried about the security of your business or home, contact Simanovich at 866-726-2810 to get an elite protection dog delivered to your location. We have many satisfied clients in Naples.

There is no distance that we wouldn’t go to deliver one of our “huggable” security dogs. We will bring your dog from our facility in North Carolina and deliver the trained German Shepherd to your home in Naples, FL, or anyplace in the United States, so you receive this trained protection directly from us.

Expert Training for Every Dog

Wayne Simanovich relies on his 30 years of experience training German Shepherds to develop a highly trained protection dog that can handle unique security situations. His staff utilizes the dog sport of Schutzhund, meaning “protection dog” in German, to select each German Shepherd to become a world-class protection dog that will keep property and people safe from threats in real life scenarios.

Trained German Shepherds for Every Type of Protection

German Shepherds from Simanovich are more than the typical “guard dog” that people assume these dogs to be. These protection dogs are specially trained for the situation they will be used for so they can effectively offer the kind of security you need. Our German Shepherds are trained to be family protection dogs that will keep every person safe from harm. We also train them to be home protection dogs to protect your property from burglars and thieves, and executive protection dogs to increase security for staff and business owners.

Trained Protection Dog Delivered to Your Location

Once training is completed, we deliver the dog to you in Naples, FL or wherever you are located across the country. Once we arrive at your location, we will stay several days to ensure the German Shepherd acclimates well to your family or staff. From there, we continue with on-site training so that the protection dog becomes familiar with the surroundings in your business or home to offer the best security. We are often in Naples allowing for follow up if desired. Many choose to meet with us throughout the year during our visits to Naples.

Choosing the Best in Protection Dogs

Wonder how we select which German Shepherds to become your protection dogs? We strive to understand what your needs are before finding the right protection dog. Let us know what type of security you need, how you live your life, and the people that the protection dog will meet in your home or business. From the gathered information, we select the finest trained German Shepherd to match your needs. Our trained dogs range from puppies to adolescents to fully trained adults.

Get Your Trained Protection in Naples, FL

Want to learn more about how Simanovich can provide you with these huggable security protection dogs in Naples or throughout the state of Florida? Give us a call today at 866-726-2810 to take advantage of the trained dogs we have ready for lucky new owners.


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