Protection Dogs In Vancouver, Canada

Criminals can be found anywhere. They break into homes and businesses to steal money or possessions. They can also threaten the lives of you, your staff and your family. Although regular security systems can let you know when a break-in happens, these technology devices can only contact the police when there is trouble. They cannot protect you or your home until they arrive.

Wayne Simanovich protection dogs can protect people and their possessions when a break-in happens. In fact, many criminals will skip hitting a home or business when they know that a protection dog is on the premises. Find out how you can protect your home or business by getting one of our protection dogs today by calling us at 866-726-2810. You can have the highly trained dog that will become the perfect member of your family.

Years Of Experienced Dog Training

Wayne Simanovich has more than 30 years of dog training expertise developed from competing in regional, national and world dog show championships. We use the best training techniques for the dogs and place them through real-life situations where we bring out their traits of hard work, dedication, loyalty and intelligence. With our extensive training methods at our North Carolina farm, the dogs will be prepared to protect your home and business from a wide range of threats.

German Shepherd Selection 

We don’t just pick a dog through a lottery to decide which one will go to your home or business. We will speak with you about the type of dog you would like for protection. We ask questions to find out what your security needs are as well as your lifestyle. Then we carefully select the dog that has the behaviors and traits that will work well for your situation. We train adults, adolescents and puppies that have met our strict criteria as the best working dogs so they can become trained as your protection dogs.

Dogs Brought to Your Vancouver Home Or Business

You will not have to travel to our farm in North Carolina to bring your dog back to Vancouver — our staff will bring the dog to your home or business in Canada. We stay for several days to complete our training so the dog successfully acclimates to your environment. We also make sure your family can handle the dog and that it works well with your staff without any problems. Afterward, we will make periodic visits to the Vancouver region to continue any needed training to ensure you are happy with your new protection dog.

Enjoy Huggable Protection Offered By Wayne Simanovich 

When you want a security system that offers loyalty, love and protection to you or your family, get huggable protection in the form of a German Shepherd guard dog trained by Wayne Simanovich. You will have the protection you need from all types of threats to yourself and your possessions while enjoying a new lovable member of your family. Contact us today at our farm in North Carolina at 866-726-2810.


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