Protection Dogs in San Antonio, TX

Hand-picked German Shepherd protection dogs are the best solution for anyone who worries about their or their family’s safety. Based in North Carolina, Wayne Simanovich and his crack team of dog trainers have placed many dogs throughout the state of Texas, including San Antonio, Dallas, Houston and Fort Worth. These incredible working dogs offer an incredible amount of security and peace of mind to their families, and are more effective than any other type of security system.

The Simanovich difference: decades of experience and knowledge.

Wayne Simanovich has been training dogs for well over 30 years. Every German Shepherd dog trained by Simanovich is from some of the best bloodlines in the Czech Republic and Germany, and they are thoroughly trained to ensure that they can protect their family from danger. The Simanovich team ensures that dogs are always matched with the families that suit them best and that each dog receives individual, personalized world-class training. Simanovich dogs have been featured in the media, including television shows and magazines, and are well-known for their incredible quality.

More than just protection: a Simanovich dog is family.

The huggable security that Simanovich protection dogs provide is more than any security system could offer; a Simanovich dog becomes a loyal and trusted member of the family. Simanovich dogs with faithfully protect their family members and ensure that children are always safe. An owner of these incredible working dogs can feel secure wherever they go; whether walking around at night or through a dangerous area, a Schutzhund owner knows that they are completely safe. Simanovich protection dogs have been sued by many celebrities, including Burt Reynolds, Terry Bradshaw and Dan Whitney.

Getting a Simanovich dog in San Antonio, TX.

Your pathway to peace of mind can be delivered right to your door. Simanovich dogs can be shipped to San Antonio, TX, and on-site training can be done to ensure that you and your dog bond properly and understand each other. You can contact us through our website to find out more information, or call us today. With a Simanovich dog, you’ll be joining an elite class of dog owner and gaining an incredible amount of safety and freedom. Representatives can discuss your personal safety considerations and find the best dog for your unique safety needs.


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