Protection Dogs In San Diego, CA

With more people turning their homes into their businesses throughout San Diego, they are at an increased risk of having to deal with break-ins and burglaries as thieves are looking for large amounts of cash kept on the premises. Ordinary security technologies just aren’t enough to give you peace of mind that your family is protected. When you are worried for your business, your home and your family, seek out protection dogs from Wayne Simanovich.

Protection Dogs For Your Needs

Protection dogs can warn you of dangers with people trying to break into your home or your business. They can defend you from threats and relieve the stress you have of something dangerous happening. We deliver our trained dogs to residents and business owners throughout San Diego. We also provide our “huggable protection” German Shepherds to people throughout California and across the country.

Highly Trained Staff For Your Protection Dogs

Competing in regional, national and world dog competitions has allowed our staff to hone their skills so they can effectively train every German Shepherd that will become a protection dog. Wayne Simanovich has more than 30 years of experience in dog training and he uses his knowledge to train the dogs to handle real-life situations and a wide range of security threats.

Dogs Delivered To Your Home And Business

We train all the dogs at our farm in North Carolina where they are properly socialized while we bring out their best skills of hard work and loyalty. Once the dogs are fully trained to offer the best protection, we will bring the dog to your San Diego home or business so they become acclimated to your family and staff. We stay in the area for several days to ensure the dog adjusts successfully to its new environment. Then we will continue to perform yearly visits in your location.

We will still deliver your German Shepherd protection dog to you in any city across the United States. Just tell us where you are and we will show up at your door with your huggable protection dog.

Get A German Shepherd Protection Dog

We select puppies, adolescents and adult dogs that show the hard work, intelligence, loyalty and loving nature to become effective protection dogs for residents and business owners. Taken from the best bloodlines of working dogs from European dog class competitions, the dogs must meet our strict criteria to be involved in our comprehensive training program.

Don’t worry about thieves and burglars breaking into your home and business every time you lock the door or turn out the lights. Have huggable protection by getting a Simanovich German Shepherd guard dog to protect you, your family, your staff and your property. Call us today at 866-726-2810 to find out more about getting a German Shepherd from our trainers and how we train the dogs to become lovable companions.


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