Protection Dogs in San Francisco, CA

No longer feel afraid to live in your home or be worried about having property stolen from your home or business. At Simanovich, we offer the best in protection dogs to protect executives, families and property from all types of threats. At our dog-training facility and farm in North Carolina, we train German Shepherds to become both protection dogs and lovable companions for residents and business owners throughout San Francisco. We have many dogs in the Bay Area. We are often in your neighborhood.

So whether you are a homeowner in San Francisco, run a business in California, or need security and protection at your location in another state, we can deliver the perfect protection dog no matter where you are in the country. Call Simanovich today at 866-726-2810 to learn how you can get one of our “huggable security” dogs.

Highly Trained Elite Protection

Each Trained German Shepherd is personally trained to become the top security dog for a home or business. Wayne Simanovich has over 30 years of dog training experience creating world-class protection dogs.

The Simanovich staff has received recognition for our dogs in major competitions such as Regional, National and World Championships. Through our extensive training methods and real-life situations, every Trained German Shepherd learns to deal with different types of security threats while becoming loyal and loving family companions.

Selecting German Shepherds as Guard Dogs

We select our dogs by choosing the best individual German Shepherds from Europe’s competitive working dog class competitions. The dog’s characteristics of hard work, loyalty and loving nature are combined with their ability to protect their owners.

We pick out puppies, adolescents and adult dogs that fit our rigorous criteria and are free of inherent congenital health defects to become trained protection dogs. For decades, law enforcement and the military have been using German Shepherds for a number of protection tasks. As consultants for our military, we are provided the opportunity to select the best of the best for our clientele.

Delivery Wherever You Are Located

You do not have to come to our farm in North Carolina to pick up your Simanovich protection dog. We will deliver the dog to your home or business in San Francisco or any place in California — in fact, any state across the country.

We stay several days with the dogs to ensure they successfully adjust to their new surroundings. During this time, we continue the last of the training in your home or business so the dogs understand the tasks and form bonds with your staff or family. We continue our relationship through our multiple yearly visits to your area.

Learn More About our Huggable Security Protection

Even if you never considered getting a dog, you may find that our protection dogs offer a great advantage over other security measures. You are getting a loyal companion who can handle all types of threats. Feel safe living in your home in San Francisco or working at your business in California when there is a protection dog on the premises. The well trained German Shepherd will become your most trusted security option.

Find out more about our training methods and what dogs we have available at our farm in North Carolina. Give us a call at 866-726-2810. Enjoy having this huggable security protection in your life.


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