Protection Dogs in San Jose, CA

Nobody wants to be part of a crime statistic, especially in their own home in San Jose, California. Burglaries, vandalism and assaults can happen, even if you have a home security system. Give yourself an edge by increasing your protection with trained German Shepherds from Wayne Simanovich.

Wayne Simanovich German Shepherds have received world-class training at our North Carolina facility so they can offer the protection you need for yourself, your family or for your business. Whether you live in San Jose or anywhere else in the country, we can offer you huggable protection in the form of a trained protection dog. Find out how you can obtain a trained German Shepherd by giving us a call at 866-726-2810.

Elite Protection Dogs Brought To Your Home

Wayne Simanovich protection dogs aren’t restricted to people living in North Carolina. We bring award winning protection dogs directly to your home or business once we finish our comprehensive training, so you can take advantage of having our security dogs protect you and your property.

We will bring the dog to your doorstep and help it get properly acclimated into its new surroundings. We stay several days to give additional training so the dog understands its new role as your protection dog. Then we will perform follow up visits to the San Jose area to ensure you are happy with your new huggable protection dog.

 Trained Dogs From The Best Genetics

We select puppies, adolescents and adult dogs from the best working breed that have been in numerous European competitive dog competitions. We ensure the dogs meet all of our criteria for the best German Shepherd protection dogs as we check for congenital health issues. Only selecting the appropriate dogs who exhibit hard work, loyalty and a loving nature, we train them to understand their new roles as protection dogs so you feel safe in your home or business.

World-Class Training Methods

Wayne Simanovich has 30 years of experience training German Shepherds to become security dogs. His staff only uses the extensive training methods that have shown success in creating a German Shepherd protection dog that can increase your security against any dangers while still being lovable companions to your family. Having won recognition from regional, national and world championship dog shows, his staff will train your dog so that it becomes a member of your family while protecting your property.

Obtain Your Huggable Security For Your San Jose Home 

Your kids have been asking for a pet. Your spouse wants to beef up the security system in your San Jose home. Make everyone happy by getting a huggable protection dog from Wayne Simanovich. It doesn’t matter if you live in California or any other state in the country, we deliver our protection dogs to you so your home is protected.

Contact us at 866-726-2810 to find out more about our trained German Shepherd protection dogs and our world-class training methods.


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