Protection Dogs in Seattle, WA

After a break-in to your home or business in Seattle, your anxiety rises. How do you keep yourself, your family, your staff and your possessions protected the next time? You may have lost faith in regular security systems. You may even consider moving to a different city in Washington or to another state. Before packing your bags, consider quality protection in the form of German Shepherd guard dogs.

German Shepherd protection dogs trained by Wayne Simanovich can significantly increase your home or business security. They can respond to different real-time situations, warn you of danger and keep you safe from threats. Intelligent and loyal creatures, German Shepherds are dedicated dogs that can also be lovable companions for their entire lives.

Superior Training

Every German Shepherd trained by the Simanovich staff is taken from the best working class dog breeds. We take puppies, adolescents and adult dogs that meet our criteria of loyalty, intelligence and dedication as we hone their skills to become superb guard dogs. Using training techniques developed over 30 years, our world-class protection dogs are sought after by clients from all across the country. From individuals to elite professionals, they are taking advantage of having a protection dog to keep themselves and their possessions safe.

Dogs Brought To Your Home And Business 

We never require our clients to come to our farm in North Carolina to pick up their protection dogs. We will bring the trained dogs to your residence or business wherever you are located in Seattle or any other city in the United States. When we arrive at your location, we continue our training to ensure the German Shepherd understands its new role as your guard dog and that fits well into the new environment. We help the dog establish a loyal and lovable companionship with you, your children or your staff. Then we will make regular training visits to your location.

Understand The Simanovich Difference

Our guard dogs are different from any others because we are dedicated to creating superior protection dogs that can tackle a variety of real-life situations while still being lovable companions. This is the Simanovich Difference. We don’t just train dogs and then forget about them. We constantly work with the dogs for a lifetime because we want to leave a legacy of excellence with every dog that comes to our farm. Your protection matters to us.

Obtain Your Seattle, WA Protection Dogs

Don’t be afraid to live in your home or operate your business in Seattle, WA. Feel confident that you and your property are protected by obtaining German Shepherd protection dogs from Wayne Simanovich. You and your family will fall in love with your huggable protection. Your staff will also feel safer when there is a guard dog on the premises.

No matter where you are located, you can take advantage of our huggable protection dogs. Call us today at 866-726-2810 to learn more about our world-class dog training methods.


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