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Protection Dogs in West Virginia

We understand how important it is to make sure your family is well protected. We also know how crucial it is to have a dog with a temperament that you can trust. That’s why our team works hard to ensure that our specially trained protection dogs have the ability to guard your family and be faithful and lovable companions too. We serve families in all 50 states, including West Virginia. Our dog training stands apart from the rest, thanks in large part to our selective process of choosing the right dogs for training and our team’s years of experience. We’re an award-winning dog training organization with a solid reputation and more than 30 years of experience.

How Do We Choose Our Dogs?

We select and train German shepherds to work as protection dogs. We’ve chosen this breed for its temperament, trainability and history as a working dog breed. We carefully compare and choose dogs that have performed well in European protection dog competitions and have the right pedigree. This helps ensure that our dogs are protective, yet gentle with family members. You don’t want to have to worry about having a protection dog that you can’t fully trust around your loved ones. That’s why our selection process is so highly focused and thorough. We base our decisions on elements of a dog sport called Schutzhund. This sport’s main purpose it to determine which dogs have the qualities needed for being good protection dogs. These elements include intelligence, perseverance, a strong work desire, a protective instinct and trainability.

How Are Our Dogs Trained? 

Our dog training focuses on placing the dogs in real-life scenarios and teaching them how to react. With this kind of training, they’ll be ready to handle any kind of social or family life situation. Our German shepherds are typically between 18 to 30 months old and do not have any inherited health defects that could compromise their training. We work with the dogs to make sure that they are able to handle a variety of situations as family dogs. The training takes place at our farm in western North Carolina under the care and guidance of Wayne Simanovich and our team of world-class trainers.

How Do You Get Your Dog?

Our fully trained adult dogs are available for sale as protection dogs. You don’t need to make the drive from West Virginia to North Carolina to pick up your dog. We will bring your dog right to your home and stick around to help your dog get settled in its new environment. With our use of Schutzhund for the selection process and our specialized dog training, you can rest assured that your new dog will be a trusted companion and family protector.