Why Us?

Why Us Dog

The Best. Simanovich and his trained German Shepherds represent the very best German Shepherd guard dogs the world has to offer; their character, working ability and training are excellent. Dogs are selected from the beginning based on pedigree, training accomplishments and successes in protection dog competitions. From this group, candidates are placed into our comprehensive protection dog training program to certify they are Wayne Simanovich Trained. What does this mean to you? This means any dog placed within our clientele’s home, come from the best in the world and have been trained by the best trainers in the world. We give something more than just a professionally trained protection dog, we provide proven peace of mind.

Proven Success. Simanovich has proven World Class dogs because of our world class German Shepherd trainers. The title of “World Class Trainer” is earned, not given. To achieve this status, we’ve put in years and experience. Trainers must have an eye for talent and the capacity to teach and improve our selected dogs. Shortcuts are never taken in our training and preparation programs. We are an Award Winning organization with numerous accomplishments. In today’s technical environment, it’s easy to build a fast website and promote your brand as “the best”. A Wayne Simanovich trained German Shepherd represents over thirty years of expertise, wins in major international protection dog competitions, a long list of references from satisfied clients, and unparalleled training for both dogs and staff. Our protection dogs have been recognized and attained accolades on international level. Purchasing a German Shepherd protection dog is an investment in the security of your lifestyle.

Careful Placement. As seriously as we take competition, selection and training, first and foremost we consider manageability when placing a family dog. Each trained German Shepherd is evaluated for your unique needs. We won’t just sell you any dog, we’ll sell you the very best trained protection dog there is to offer….Huggable Security. Learn more about our German Shepherds in our Working German Shepherd FAQ