Keeping Your Protection Dog Healthy for the Holidays

The hustle and bustle of the holiday season is upon us, and you are probably spending a significant amount of time and energy getting organized for this year’s festivities. Between planning the annual family gatherings and shopping for everyone on your list, your mind is likely preoccupied with all things merry and bright. While it’s easy to get caught up in the celebration of the season, you also need to make your family protection dogs a top priority in order to keep your family and your beloved pet safe.

Tips for Caring for Family Protection Dogs During the Holidays

  • Be sure that your dog is well socialized and understands that the guests in your home during the holiday season are welcome visitors. You do not want your dog to feel as if a friend or relative is an unwanted intruder. For large gatherings, often times your protection dog will be more content in a quiet room of his own. With too much tide and joy, the family protection dog is often the new toy for everyone in the room.
  • Be certain your dog has had plenty of exercise in the hours leading up to a large gathering in your home. This will help your pet burn off excess energy prior to the party, and will allow your dog to feel relaxed when the visitors begin to arrive.
  • Remind all people visiting your home to keep their food to themselves. You do not want your dog to receive table scraps from guests at the party, because these leftovers could compromise its health and wellness. Proper training will also prevent your pet from being tempted to take table scraps should it be offered some by accident.
  • Keep all hazardous holiday materials out of your home as much as possible. Instead of stringing tinsel on your tree, opt for a beaded garland. Rather than offering chocolate truffles to your guests, choose sugar cookies. Don’t decorate with poinsettias, as these plants will cause your dog to vomit if ingested.

Despite the joy and laughter associated with the holiday season, there are still many security risks that you need to be aware of at this time of year. Your family protection dogs should remain alert and aware in case someone tries to intrude on the fun. A well-trained dog who is socialized properly will be able to protect your home and your family members while also being able to be a part of the celebration with friends and family members who are visiting this season.

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