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Lifestyle - Family Trained Dog

Perhaps no breed is better qualified to provide protection, companionship, and loyalty to your family than the German Shepherd Dog breed. Family trained German Shepherds are not only trained to protect, they are trained to sense danger. They can tell friend from foe. It’s in their instincts, and these instincts are perfected during their training.

It’s so important that you choose carefully when getting a dog for your family. Remember, it’s not just another dog you’re getting…it’s a canine companion that needs to fit your family’s unique lifestyle and provide the highest level of protection and safety. An executive protection dog should improve the quality of your family life, by giving every member peace of mind and an improved sense of security. Kids playing in the backyard? A family protection dog will be there to watch over them. Teenagers coming home after school, alone for a few hours? A trained German Shepherd will not only guard them, but it will serve as a faithful companion.

That’s why families from all across the United States trust Simanovich Protection Dogs. For over 30 years, we’ve been placing trained German Shepherds with families like yours. All of our protection dogs are carefully selected from Europe’s competitive working dog competitions. We use innovative, proven training techniques.  The goal of our training is to mold each family protection dog into a trusted family companion capable of a wide range of important service applications.

When only the best will do, get more information from Wayne Simanovich and his team. Our expert team can educate you on the different types of family protection dogs for sale, traits to look for in a family protection dog, and elite German Shepherd protection dog training.