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Lifestyle - Executive Protection Dogs

Executive Protection Dogs offer the same qualities as family protection dogs; they are sensitized to a variety of social situations, and trained to protect their companion in cases of danger. All Simanovich Protection Dogs are trained to respond instantly anytime a potential threat arises. Individuals, families, business people, and others are using our trained German Shepherds for a range of service applications. With a highly trained German Shepherd, you can enjoy peace of mind that you, your business, your family, and your property will receive.

Executive Protection DogWhat sets Simanovich dogs apart? We only select the finest dogs into our training program. All of our dogs come from the top bloodlines in Germany and the Czech Republic and are carefully selected from Europe’s competitive working dog competitions, making the the best guard dogs. The dogs we select are placed into our comprehensive protection dog training program to certify they are Wayne Simanovich Trained. This means the dog you receive will come from the best background and have received the best training in the world. If you choose to use it and present it as your Executive Protection Dog, it will be able to fill that role, and exceed your expectations.

With over 30 years of experience and numerous accomplishments, our award-winning organization trains personal protection dogs that are the best of the best. Your canine will provide you with companionship, security, and total peace of mind.

We also take the placement of our dogs very seriously. We carefully consider your unique needs and match you with the best trained protection dog for your particularly situation. Contact Us to learn more about dogs that are currently available. Our expert team will ask all of the right questions to ensure you receive the right dog for your needs.