Protection Dogs in Pennsylvania

No matter where you live in Pennsylvania, the security of you, your family, and your most important property is always important. With an average of 45,240 violent crimes and 283,179 property crimes taking place each year across the state, adding a security canine to your life can bring peace of mind.

Many residents rely on protection dogs in Pennsylvania. A world-class protection dog is a canine trained to handle all types of real-life threats and scenarios while also being the lovable, loyal companion your family will cherish. At Simanovich Protection Dogs, we like to call it “huggable security.”

With your own trained protection dog, you and your family can enjoy peace of mind knowing you’re being watched after 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In addition to home security, our protection dogs are also used for personal protection, executive protection, business security, and many other vital security tasks. Simanovich elite training ensures the dog is ready for all of the chaos and changes that family life can bring.

Simanovich: The Most Trusted Name in Protection Dogs

A protection dog is an important investment, and you want to make sure you’re getting the absolute best of the best. Wayne Simanovich is one of the world’s leading protection dog trainers. He and his team boast over 30 years of experience and a number of wins in elite international dog training competitions.

Our approach to protection dog training is simple:

  • We select healthy, talented German Shepherds that come from pure bloodlines in Germany and the Czech Republic.
  • We train all of our dogs to the strictest international standards, making certain they are prepared to handle all types of threats while fitting in beautifully with your family’s lifestyle.
  • We never take shortcuts in our training and preparation programs. Hard work and consistency are the keys to getting the best results.
  • We carefully place our dogs in homes that are the best fit for all parties involved.

Simanovich Protection Dogs offers protection dog delivery to your Pennsylvania doorstep. A Simanovich handler will personally deliver your new trained German Shepherd and provide training and guidance to ensure the integration process is seamless and satisfactory.

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