Protection Dogs in Austin, TX

At Simanovich, we train only the best German Shepherd protection dogs for Austin, TX residents. Though our dogs are trained in western North Carolina, they can be delivered to any location across the nation. On-site training is offered in Austin, TX to ensure that the both you and the dog understand each other and feel comfortable together; dogs are also available in Dallas, Houston and San Antonio. A protection dog is the best blend of a home security system and beloved family pet.

The world’s finest protection dogs for Austin, TX now available at Simanovich.

A protection dog is more than just a pet and more than just security. Working dogs are loyal, steadfast, intelligent and strong. Owning a protection dog is a mutually beneficial relationship that has existed for thousands of years: you care for and nurture your dog, and in return your dog will defend you and your family against any danger without a moment of hesitation. A protection dog doesn’t just ensure your safety at home; it ensures your safety everywhere you go. Your dog will care for your children just as fiercely as you do, and will follow you to the ends of the earth. Simanovich German Shepherds come from the best bloodlines available in the regions that originated the German Shepherd breed: Germany and the Czech Republic. Dogs are rigorously tested and trained and matched with the best family for them.

World class reviews and decades of experience.

Simanovich dogs are in a class of their own. Wayne Simanovich and his team have been training dogs for over 30 years. During this time, the company has built up a dedicated and extremely satisfied selection of clientele, including some notable celebrity clients such as Burt Reynolds and Terry Bradshaw. Featured on The Night Show with Jay Leno and numerous notable magazines, Simanovich working dogs have gained an incredible amount of accolades and awards. A Simanovich dog is consistent, loyal and hard working; there is no better protection dog available.

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Through a Simanovich dog, you receive a freedom that others rarely experience; you can go anywhere you want with your Simanovich dog and never once doubt your own personal safety or the safety of your children. For more information about the best in huggable protection, contact us today at our website or call us. We can discuss your protection needs with you and find you a suitable canine companion for your family and your lifestyle.


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