Protection Dogs in Dallas & Fort Worth, TX

Trained in North Carolina, Simanovich dogs are available throughout the state of Texas. Dallas & Fort Worth, TX residents can have these incredible protection dogs shipped directly to them and can also receive on-site training to ensure that they and their new family member get started in the right way. Simanovich working dogs are well-trained protection animals that are also beloved family pets and loyal companions for life.

What is a Schutzhund protection dog, and why is it the best security option?

A Schutzhund protection dog is mobile, dedicated, loyal, fast and agile. Not only do you know that your home and your family is secured through the use of these remarkable working dogs, but you also know that you’re safe wherever you go. It’s this same sense of peace of mind and security that is so valued by celebrities such as Terry Bradshaw and Burt Reynolds. With protection dogs trained by Wayne Simanovich and his knowledgeable team of trainers, you have a freedom that few others will ever experience. You can go anywhere and do anything knowing that your trusty companion is by your side and watching your back.

What makes the dogs trained by Wayne Simanovich so incredible?

Throughout his 30 years of experience, Wayne Simanovich has learned everything there is to know about training a dependable security dog. The German Shepherds offered by Simanovich aren’t just security systems, however; they are valued members of your family. A Simanovich dog is placed with the family that is right for them, and Simanovich ensures that the personalities of both owner and dog work well together. This creates a lasting relationship and bond that is valued by both the dog and the owner. Simanovich dogs have been on television and in magazines, and there are countless testimonials by owners that are now inseparable from their huggable security.

How can you find out more about getting Simanovich protection dogs in Dallas & Forth Worth, TX?

For more information about the availability of Simanovich protection dogs in Dallas & Fort Worth, TX, Houston, San Antonio and other Texas regions, you can contact Simanovich today through our website or call us directly. Our representatives will be able to work with you to determine your personal security needs and find the best dog for you and your family.


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