Protection Dogs in El Paso, TX

German Shepherds are smart creatures — like humans and many other mammals that demonstrate emotional intelligence, they possess complex neural structures and the capacity for learning. It’s well established that the way dogs are raised has a direct impact on how they interact with people, and that’s why Wayne Simanovich takes an ethical, methodological approach to breeding.

Starting Off Right

We go beyond simply breeding dogs. Our German Shepherds receive the benefits of emotionally sensitive yet consistently firm training that instills traits that owners and families value. Our protection dogs are selected for their intelligence, loyalty and strength, and we take great pains to help them learn to trust and obey the right people.

At our North Carolina farm, we provide our canine friends with world-class obedience education conducted by trainers who understand the right way to teach animals. We’ve been in the business for more than three decades, and we’re constantly honing our skills at training competitions. The awards we’ve earned are a testament to our continuous dedication to improvement, and our experience lets us focus on methods that are proven to exceed international standards.

Transitioning Properly

Dogs require stability to adjust properly. Unfortunately, many trainers simply hand new owners a leash and wish them luck. Such practices make things extremely difficult for animals and their new owners alike.

Our goal is to help your new protection dog become a member of your family in the healthiest manner possible. Our staff members will personally deliver each animal to anywhere in the United States, including El Paso, TX. Once they arrive, they’ll even stay in the area for a few days to help the dog become acclimated to its new situation. We firmly believe that this transitioning strategy is essential to the success of your new relationship with your German Shepherd.

Why German Shepherds?

German Shepherds aren’t like alarm systems or electronic surveillance. They can’t be hacked, paid off or disabled by unexpected power outages. They’re stalwart companions that defend their homes and families regardless of what happens, and this makes them invaluable in the modern world.

When treated well, these animals are unfailingly loyal to their owners, and the companionship they offer provides serious peace of mind and emotional contentment. At Wayne Simanovich, we love every one of the protection dogs we raise, and we’re certain they’ll love and protect you in return. What can make you feel safer in your El Paso, TX home than a security system you can hug?

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