Protection Dogs in Houston, TX

At our facilities in North Carolina, we thoroughly train only the best in German Shepherd security dogs. Our German Shepherds are trained to ensure your personal security as well as make a fantastic pet that will prove to be loyal, reliable, healthy and dependable throughout their life. We can ship dogs throughout Texas, and we additionally offer on-site training to ensure that owners can properly communicate with their new family members.

The Schutzhund: More Than Security, More Than a Pet

The German Shepherds trained by our company will become both a member of your family and an invaluable security system. These working dogs are the most loyal companions that anyone could ever acquire, offering you the freedom to go anywhere and know that you and your family are safe. With a Schutzhund working dog, you never have to worry about your children or your home, and you never have to worry about walking through dangerous regions.

Training the Best Protection Dogs Over the Past 30 Years

Our German Shepherds have been the recipients of numerous awards and accolades and have assisted in the security of celebrities and other notable individuals. The incredible trainers at Simanovich only work with dogs from the finest bloodlines and have years of experience. Wayne Simanovich has been training dogs for 30 years, and cares a great deal for the protection dogs that he offers. Dogs are not placed only for the benefit of their future masters, but also placed in homes that will be best and most comfortable for them. A protection dog rapidly becomes a member of the family; homeowners with one of these fantastic working dogs will never have to worry about the safety of their children or family at home.

Getting a Protection Dog in Houston, TX

If you’ve been thinking about getting working dogs for your family’s security, you can contact us today through our website or call us. A trained representative will be available to discuss you and your family’s protection needs and fit you with the dog that is suitable to you. We always ensure that our dogs are placed properly, so that they will bond with their master and their master will bond with them. Whether you’re located in Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin or other Texas regions, we can find the best choice in huggable security for you.


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