Protection Dogs in Dallas, TX

Get the protection you need in a lovable companion you can trust. Simanovich provides families and executives with trained security dogs to protect people and property from threats. If you are searching for the perfect security measures, seek out our elite protection trained German Shepherds, who will become trusted members of your family.

Whether you are located in Dallas, somewhere else in Texas, or anywhere in the country, if you need security dogs for your home or business, we will deliver the dog directly to your door from our facility in North Carolina. Contact us today at 866-726-2810 for more information about the benefits our Trained German Shepherd security dogs can offer you. Texas is a busy area for us. We are often in your neighborhood.

Huggable Security

Taking one of our protection dogs into your home and business means more than just increasing the security in the home. It means you are taking on a companion that will love and trust you for life. It is for this reason and many others why we at Simanovich refer to our protection dogs as “huggable security.” The dogs become loyal and gentle companions as well as trained security protection all in one package. A Wayne Simanovich trained German Shepherd has a long history of proven success.

Protection Dogs Trained to Handle a Host of Threats

Trained German Shepherds have been bred to be the best protection dogs for decades. These dogs are used by both law enforcement and the military because they can be trained to perform tasks and protect people due to their intelligence and high sense of loyalty to their handler. At Simanovich, we train these dogs to protect property and buildings, business staff, and most importantly, families with children.

Experienced Training at All Ages

With over 30 years of experience in training German Shepherds to become world-class protection dogs, Wayne Simanovich and his staff adopt successful intensive training methods for dogs of all ages. Dogs are selected from the best individuals that exhibit intelligence, loyalty, hard work and a manageable nature. We then train the puppies, adolescents and adult dogs to handle a number of different scenarios by taking the dogs through real-life situations.

These training methods not only help the dog learn to be an elite protection dog, it also allows them to bond in a loving relationship to the family and staff they will be around, also making the Trained German Shepherd into a loving companion.

Delivery Worldwide

Whether you are located in Dallas, TX or in another state, we will deliver the protection dog to your doorstep. We personally travel with the dogs from our farm in North Carolina to any home or business, and we stay several days to help the dog acclimate to its new environment and home. During those days, the Simanovich staff continues with on-site training so the protection dog learns all responsibilities and tasks needed at that location.

Feel Safe With a Simanovich Protection Dog

Find out more about how our Trained German Shepherds can become the protection dogs and loving companions for your home or business. Give us a call today at 866-726-2810 to learn more about our time honored services.

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